Wednesday, 28 July 2010

DbFinder in symfony1.3 / symfony1.4

It was a common practise to use DbFinder plugin in symfony 1.2 and earlier to atone for the then limited propel capabilities (propel 1.4 and earlier). All of that has changed ofcourse, with propel 1.5 delivering what DbFinder did and much more. Perhaps as a result of that, development on the DbFinder plugin was abandoned, and the latest version isn't compatible with symfony 1.3/1.4. For those who, as myself, for some reason had to upgrade old symfony1.2 projects (that used DbFinder), this might be a saviour, allowing you to save countless hours rewritting all those queries in Propel1.5.

Here it is, a small patch by Daniel Lohse (and Jan Fabry?) to make DbFinder compatible with sumfony 1.3/1.4. Tested myself with 1.3 and it works flawlessly.

Patch here

For more information click here

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